About us

I live in Highweek, which is on the outskirts of Newton Abbot, Devon. I moved here in 2014 from my previous home which was in Chudleigh.

My love affair with British Shorthairs started a very long time ago when, as a teenager, I had a British Blue. After that time, a long succession of Moggies lived with us but in 1990 I found myself catless for the first time ever. At last I was able to fulfil a long-standing ambition to breed British cats and I started with a Blue Colourpointed. Since then I have been specialising in Colourpointeds, Torties and Selfs.

I am a ‘small’ breeder having only four breeding queens.  A number of neuters (retirees from breeding) also share my home, act as nanny to the kittens and add character and affection to my cat family. Once again thank you for visiting my website, please come back soon!